Art Seeder ~ Grow with art.

With great respect for the kid as an individual, spiritual and creative being, we strongly agree Kids Learn from Playing and Exploring.

In addition, we believe Art is an effective tool that helps to build up individual personality and character. It is also a crucial communication channel for kids to express their thinking and feeling to the world.

Thus, we design Creative Explorer Program, which is elaborates into smaller groups to cater for their specific growing need.
Creative Explorer 34 ( 3-4 years old)
Creative Explorer 56 ( 5-6 years old)
Creative Explorer 78 ( 7-8 years old)

Creative Explorer Program integrates play, tales telling, game, art, craft and group interactive activities to offer a balance creativity development in kids.

  1. Time to play
    Let kids actually apply their play time imagination to the real world. They will learn how to socialize, how to solve problem and issue during their interaction with others.
  2. Story telling with game incorporated
    To ensure the positive message is shaping up our kids mind and path, we are pretty selective on the stories we are telling.

    Don’t underestimate the power of the tales, they are always stored subconsciously and influence kids’ growing character.In addition, the emotions expressed within the tales and novelty of the ideas will also encourage kids to think broadly and creatively.
    With game incorporated as activity, they will develop crucial life skills, that preparing their brains for the challenges of adulthood.
  3. Draw or Hand-crafted your ideas
    Now is when kids begin to express their feeling through visual or craft.

    With the guidance and support given from us, your kids will explore to all kind of Art media, ideas, style and techniques. Most importantly, learning to hear their own voice, their own heart and the sincerity expressed from all the art piece. We believe Art Aesthetic is all about caring, sharing and appreciating with free heart.
  4. Art works presentation
    The path to success in life is paved with communication skills. Everyday, we need to speak, to express, and to comment. Why not let your kids speak their hearts?Here, we spare our time to hear the kids’ thoughts and feelings from their works, through their speeches. By exposing them into presentation roles, we are building up their self-confidence and leadership time by time.However, the most amazing wonder is still, we are helping them to understand their feelings, thoughts and ideas better. While they are learning the art of presenting, they are also learning the art of listening from others.

Through this program, we trust our kids will achieve these enhancements time to time.

  • Character building
    – Positive and Determine
    – Discipline with Moral Navigating
  • Social Skill development
    – Confident in express feeling & Listen to understand
    – Communicate to achieve objective
  • Problem Solving Skill
    – Focus and Patience
    – Creative and flexible for solution
  • Emotional Development
    – Awareness to the nature, responsible to the environment
    – Caring and Sharing to community