Art Seeder ~ Grow with art.

No matter which field of specialty your kid eventually goes into, a creative platform of growth helps to unlock the door of their future achievement.

At Art Seeder Kids Club, our kids are exploring into variety  of creative experience such as:

  • Art or Artist history
  • Art drawing & sketching
  • Colour and shadow toning
  • Background arrangement
  • Layout construction
  • Exploring into different art mediums
  • Learning about elements of arts (lines, shapes, colours, forms, space and texture)
  • Creative craft making
  • 3-D fun craft activities and many more

[highlight]By experience the fun of creative world, our kids will be able to develop observation and designing abilities – think ‘out-of-box’, stimulate their mindset and intelligence. Meanwhile, FUNART 512 will also engage our kids in a process that aids their development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation and self-motivation.[/highlight]


Besides, we offer free trial* at 1st class for your kid/kids to explore for Fun Art 512. You may make your decision after that.

* Registration required, please contact us for more info.