Art Seeder ~ Grow with art.

Kids today are different!

With stresses from modern life, overuse or misuse of technology, such as television and computers, are our kids today having enough time to play and explore for growing and learning?

[highlight]Let’s think about it, how could we distinguish the creative spark among our kids today?[/highlight]
Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf education systems, we wish to make positive difference in reversing the disturbing trend of gadgets overused by providing interactive art lessons/ art classes for children.
Our art school, or we name it art centre locally, is located at Equine Park / Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan.
It is an Art play land that we want to promote Kids Art so much!

We would like to grow our kids with Art, implant the passionate energy through children art class / art classes, drawing lessons that incorporate play and lively learning to encourage creativity.
Through the art learning journey, we help children to understand their world and how to deal with situations and problems.
We believe Art is life, life is an Art!

We offer variety of Art classes / Art lessons, crafty classes, kids drawing lessons / kids colouring class based on kids interest and age group.
Among these, we insist to bond strongly with our principle:
Think broadly, allow more creativity for a better life!

Art Seeder ~ Grow with art…